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Christmas Theme:
Christmas Tide

Christmas Tide

The "Christmas Tide" Christmas tree beautifully marries classic style with a refreshing twist. Its champagne and cream ornaments and decorations radiate a sense of luxury, reminiscent of a sophisticated winter soiree, while the soft green accents provide a contemporary flair and a rejuvenating touch. This tree is not just a centerpiece; it's an ode to the beauty of a winter's landscape, where the world is blanketed in a serene, frosty embrace. Allow the "Christmas Tide" theme to grace your home, and witness as it transforms every room into a realm of elegance, freshness, and holiday enchantment, making this season truly unforgettable.

20_Christmas Tide_Frosted Magnolia Wreath Pic.jpg__PID:e7e8b588-c412-4413-94a5-a2bae55f0118
10_Christmas Tide_Pale Green Ball Pic.jpg__PID:8d7d6453-4fd6-487f-b288-10aaecb67b40
09_Christmas Tide_Magnolia and Frosted Eucalyptus Stem Pic.jpg__PID:dce6b227-0a3a-4501-aeb8-e89220cd7156
33_Christmas Tide_Full Tree Pic.jpg__PID:b1e2c39a-5433-490a-94fa-7bb6792c04ba
28_Christmas Tide_Champagne Ball Pic.jpg__PID:c8604b61-392f-4065-b05d-32a1efbd88ab
04_Christmas Tide_Magnolia Stem Pic.jpg__PID:38c0b1e3-c553-4e19-b712-f3e4d67b249c
18_Christmas Tide_Frosted Magnlia Wreath and Garland Pic.jpg__PID:718e904a-ab7d-4003-8ea5-5b0316286c9b
15_Christmas Tide_Frosted Magnolia Pic.jpg__PID:c779d400-7e89-4bc2-adfc-dfe506d5b7de

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