Countdown to Christmas

Christmas Theme:
Golden Eclipse

Golden Eclipse

Get ready to celebrate the holidays with an extra touch of glamour and elegance with our "Golden Eclipse" themed Christmas tree. This exquisite creation boasts a lavish palette of black, gold, and hints of snowy white, evoking the spirit of a grand gala under the winter moon. This tree is more than a holiday decoration; it's a symbol of celebration, sophistication, and the enchantment of the season. Let "Golden Eclipse" adorn your home and turn this holiday into a truly unforgettable and luxurious experience.

17_Golden Eclipse_Gold Ball and Finial.jpg__PID:1f9698ce-61a8-4ef0-8501-66eb634f82ca
13_Golden Eclipse_Decor Santa Pic.jpg__PID:6d30c3b0-5a83-43b4-be19-2cfddee192f7
03_Golden Eclipse_Pointsetta Pic.jpg__PID:1cbbbc40-4fc6-4a20-a70c-89f0f8b52c09
12_Golden Eclipse_ Decor Pic.jpg__PID:21fefcba-1346-424b-a7a3-76d57c881cd8
09_Golden Eclipse_Gold Glitter Leaf Stem Pic.jpg__PID:c75cb713-91d3-4931-83d9-253b79d16ec2
10_Golden Eclipse_Black Glitter Leaf Pic.jpg__PID:fac31f79-d13f-45bc-ac2a-7a1b70e2f65f

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