Air Plant (Various Sizes)


Product Description

These Tillandsias are natural air purifiers. They are fun plants that do not require soil. Tillandsias (Air Plants) are very easy to take care of. These plants are typically great for beginners or even children. All plants come in different shapes and sizes.  Therefore, as a houseplant, the Tillandsias is extremely durable and requires little care.

Tillandsias are a diverse group of plants known as “epiphytes”, or air plants. In their native habitat of Central and South America, Tillandsias are found growing anchored to tree branches or rock walls. Plants attach themselves with roots, but nutrients are absorbed through the foliage. Incredibly easy to grow, and available in a fascinating array of foliage forms and bloom colors.

Product Details

  • Water: Low-Moderate
  • Light: Partial Shade - Filtered Sun
  • Bloom Time: All Year