Dracaena Janet Craig Compacta (Various Sizes)


Product Description

This easy to care for houseplant requires little maintenance and enjoys partial shade, making it a great choice for an office. Regularly spray or dust the leaves to prevent dust build-up and keep their shiny appearance.

Product Details

  • Sizes: 6", 10"
  • Light: Medium Light. In the middle of a bright room at least 8 feet from windows or on a North or East Facing windowsill.
  • Water: Plants should be checked bi-weekly. The soil should dry out completely between watering. Good drainage is essential.
  • Skill Level: Beginner

 *Pots sold separately*

Pro Tip:

If the Dracaena gets discolored leaves, this is probably due to too much water. If there are spots or brown edges on the leaves, the cause is too much light. Curled leaves indicate drought.