Product Description

Say goodbye to a host of deficiency-related plant illnesses once and for all with MagiCal.™

Best used for: To bolster Magnesium, Calcium, and Iron in your nutrient solution.

Improve the nutritional quality of your plants while ridding them of deficiency-related ailments like grape stem rot, grass tetany, tip burn in lettuce, blackheart celery, blossom end rot in tomato or watermelon, and bitter pit in apple.

As an addition to your regular feeding program, MagiCal is a highly enriched formulated blend of magnesium, calcium, and iron that promotes vigorous and healthy plant growth through proper plant nutrition. It also accelerates protein synthesis, helps maintain a high starch content in crops, improves the density of fruit, increases the production of essential oils, creates lush and greener foliage, and helps maintain a healthy root system.

Product Details

  • Size: 1 L