Create Your Own Christmas Planter

Sleigh your tabletop decor this year and learn how to create a planter filled with fresh greens and colourful winter flowers to liven up any space! This adorable Christmas planter will make your home feeling festive and green!

You will need:

  • Sleigh Planter
  • Cellophane - Enough to line the inside of your planter
  • Soil - Enough to create a bottom layer for your plants
  • 4" Poinsettia
  • Cyclamen
  • Lavender tree
  • Frosty Fern
  • Decorative Moss
  • Accent picks of your choice: decorative baubles on a stick, jay branches


  1. Line your planter with cellophane. Make sure it's slightly longer than your planter. Push the cellophane into the planter so the sides stick out slightly.
  2. Fill the bottom layer of your planter with enough soil to plant your flowers.
  3. Time to place your plants! We added a poinsettia at the helm of our sleigh planter, a cyclamen at the front, and a lavender tree and frosty fern at the sides.
  4. Fill in any gaps between the plants with soil.
  5. Cover the soil with decorative moss.
  6. Complete your Christmas planter with a couple of jay branches in the middle and a few decorative baubles on the side. You sleighed it!
December 01, 2021 — Bradford Greenhouses