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Exquisitely Crafted, Unforgettable Floral Arrangements for your Special Day or Every Day

Celebrate life's most cherished moments with the exquisite touch of nature's beauty at Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery. From the joyous occasions of weddings, anniversaries and birthdays to the more solemn moments of funerals, and the heartwarming embrace of Mother's Day, our flowers eloquently convey sentiments that words often fail to capture.

Nestled within our Barrie location is a haven of floral artistry – the Bradford Greenhouses Flower Shop. Our team of skilled floral designers stands ready to guide you in selecting the perfect blooms for any occasion, ensuring each arrangement is a testament to the significance of the moment. And as proud members of Teleflora, we extend our reach globally, offering an international wire service that enables you to send the gift of flowers to loved ones anywhere in the world.

Beyond our enchanting fresh flower arrangements, our offerings extend to thoughtfully curated gift baskets, luscious fruit baskets, bespoke silk and dried floral creations, thriving potted plants, and complimentary wedding estimates (by appointment). Our commitment to excellence is woven into every petal and leaf we arrange.


Seasonal Arrangements

Experience the timeless allure of nature's changing canvas with Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery's seasonal floral arrangements, capturing the essence of each season's beauty. Our skilled floral designers harmonize a kaleidoscope of blossoms, verdant foliage, and subtle embellishments to evoke the vibrant energy of spring, the sun-drenched warmth of summer, the rich hues of autumn, and the tranquil serenity of winter. From lively bursts of color to soft pastels and earthy tones, our arrangements reflect the ever-shifting palette of the natural world. Whether gracing festive gatherings or expressing heartfelt sentiments, let Bradford Greenhouses Flower Shop illuminate your home with the enchanting artistry of each season's bounty.

To order, please visit us in-store or call our floral designers directly at 705-725-1370 (Barrie location only).

Potted Large Orchid.jpg__PID:b06add60-edf4-4cc7-bc1c-bff881b78050

Large Orchid


Size: Approx 21” High and 6” Wide


Cut Tulips


10 stems of loose spring tulips (all one colour) ready to go in your own vase.

Colour Options: Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red.


Spring Tulips


20 stems of fresh tulips arranged in a glass vase accented with a ribbon tie.

Colour Options: Pink, White, Purple, Yellow, Orange, Red.

Everyday Arrangements

Elevate the everyday with Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery's exquisite floral arrangements, designed to bring a touch of nature's beauty to every moment. Our diverse collection of everyday blooms transcends seasons, offering a burst of color and elegance that can be enjoyed year-round. Our skilled floral designers curate arrangements that seamlessly blend vibrant blooms, lush foliage, and unique textures, creating a visual symphony for any occasion. Not only do we offer ready-made creations, but our designers are also delighted to craft custom arrangements tailored to your preferences, whether it's a particular color palette or a favorite flower. Discover the joy of everyday beauty with Bradford Greenhouses Flower Shop, where each arrangement is a celebration of nature's artistry, perfect for brightening any day.

To order, please visit us in-store or call our floral designers directly at 705-725-1370 (Barrie location only).


Designer's Choice Bouquet
(Various Colour Palettes)

Prices Vary by Size

With multiple price points to choose from these bouquets are one of the best sellers. Our creative florists will design you a hand tied bouquet ready to go in your own vase within the colour palette chosen. Perfect for any occasion!

Product Options

Colour Palettes: White & Green, Soft Pastels, Bright & Bold, Seasonal

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Deluxe, Premium

* Please note that each bouquet will be it’s own unique design and florals will not be as shown in the photos. Photos are for colour inspiration only.


Modern Love


Designed in a black and white patterned ceramic includes hydrangeas, accented with roses.

Size: Approx 11” High and 11” Wide


Love's Embrace


A lovely combination of mini green hydrangeas, dianthus, red roses, hypericum berries, alstroemeria, variegated pittosporum and salal arranged in a red cube vase, accented with a heart shaped with lily grass.

Size: Approx 11” High and 11” Wide


Genuine Gems


A jewel toned mixed of roses, gerbera, alstroemeria, hypericum berries, statice, and foliage.

Size: Approx 15” High and 15” Wide


Timeless One Dozen Roses

From $119.99

A mix of bright summer florals and foliage designed in a glass vase.

Colour Options: Red, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Light Purple, Yellow, Orange, White

Size: Approx 21” High and 16” Wide


One Dozen Roses Wrapped

From $64.99

One dozen coloured roses with baby’s breath and greens ready to go in your own vase.

Colour Options: Red, Hot Pink, Light Pink, Light Purple, Yellow, Orange, White


Rose Petals


Perfect to create that romantic ambience.

Colour Options: Red, Mixed


Blushing Blue


Classic blue tones mixed with whites. This cube vase is sure to have you blushing with delight. Includes a nice mix of roses, hydrangeas, eryngium, alstroemeria, limonium, carnations and foliage.

Size: Approx 8” High and 10” Wide


Boho Bouquet


Perfect for the funky flower lover, this hand tied bouquet is ready to go in your vase. Includes pampass grass, gerbera, eryngium, hydrangeas, liatrus, rose, carnations, alstroemeria, salal and roebellini.


Nature's Duet


This poetic mix of white and greens is our go to duo as it suits any celebration big or small. This natural design includes, bells of Ireland, snap dragons, hydrangeas, fuji mums, hypericum berries, roses, alstroemeria and foliage.

Size: Approx 22” High and 20” Wide

Flourishing Blossoms.jpg__PID:4d16b7ee-51a8-4a74-af6a-db869a6db5b1

Flourishing Blossoms


This luxurious mix of florals is perfect for the person who has everything! Featuring ranunculus, roses, snap dragons, alstroemeria, limonium, chrysanthemum poms, gerbera, carnations, hydrangea, hypericum berries, variegated pittosporum, Italian ruscus, salal and leather.

Size: Approx 27” High and 22” Wide


Modish Mauves


This modern mix is arranged in a textured white ceramic container and includes fuji mums, mini hydrangea, hydrangea, roses, hypericum berries, alstroemeria, carnations, aspidistra leaves and salal.

Size: Approx 10” High and 11” Wide


Summer Sunshine


Bring a little summer indoors with this modern long-lasting mix of gerberas, Kermit poms, hypericum berries, alstroemeria, carnations, mini green hydrangeas and foliage. Designed in a cube vase.

Size: Approx 10” High and 8” Wide


Pastel Palettes


Soft pastel colours straight from Mother Nature's brush. This pastel mix includes gerberas, chrysanthemum poms, alstroemeria, limonium, carnations and foliage.

Size: Approx 16” High and 12” Wide


Peaceful Paradise


Designed in a contemporary stone cube your friends and family will be green with envy over this arrangement that includes a succulent, white poms, roses, hypericum berries, carnations, and various fresh foliage.

Size: Approx 11” High and 13” Wide


Mixed Planter


A mix of flowering and tropical plants. Planted in a galvanized container accented with moss and driftwood. Plant size and varieties will vary.

Size: Approx 5” High and 13” Wide


Sweater Weather


A mix of cedar and eucalyptus varieties, accented with a succulent, wood accents with a white alstroemeria.

Size: Approx 11” High and 19” Wide


Mixed Succulent Planter


A mix of succulents potted in a low white ceramic container accented with stone. Perfect for a coffee table or office. Succulent styles will vary.

Size: Approx 4.5” High and 8" Wide


Stone Planter Succulents


A mix of succulents planted in a textured stone pot, soil covered in gravel/stone. Plant size and varieties will vary.

Size: Approx 9” High and 8” Wide


Potted Phalaenopsis Orchid


This classic Phalaenopsis is potted in a black ceramic orchid pot with air holes. This makes it easy to see how the roots are doing and to check for moisture. Finished with decorative reindeer moss for a pop of colour.

Size: Approx 27” High and 8” Wide
(Heights will vary).


Potted Sansevieria


This easy-care snake plant is potted in a textured stone ceramic pot, perfect for those low light areas in your home or office. Minimal light and minimal watering required.

Size: Approx 9” High and 8” Wide
(Heights will vary).


Fresh Eucalyptus Bunch


A bunch of fresh spiral eucalyptus that can be placed in a vase or hung in your shower for an aromatic treat to your senses.

Size: 1 Bunch
(Container not included)


Fresh Baby's Breath Bunch


A bunch of dainty baby’s breath that can be placed in a vase or used for designing your own creations. 7 stems per bunch.

Size: 1 Bunch


Fresh Salal Bunch


A bunch of bright green salal. Great for accenting and edging in arrangements. Stem count varies.

Size: 1 Bunch


Fresh Leather Fern Bunch


A bunch of dark green, textured leather fern. Perfect for adding into arrangements.

Size: 1 Bunch


Fresh Israeli Ruscus


Perfect in a vase for a long lasting pop of green or mix with florals. 7 stems per bunch.

Size: 1 Bunch

Substitution Disclaimer

While our designers will make every possible effort to keep your order as similar to the photo and descriptions provided below, Mother Nature can often be unpredictable. We do reserve the right to replace certain elements if the florals are not in stock. We do, however, promise to create you a beautiful arrangement, designed with care and passion using our freshest products available!