Basket of tomatoes, garlic, basil and hot peppers

Harvest in the early morning before the heat of the day.  Be sure to check your garden daily and pick the ripe vegetables doing so will encourage the plant to produce more.  When not harvested the plants will go to flower and that is a sign that they are done for the season.


Basil – The best to start harvesting is when the flowers' buds begin appearing but have not bloomed yet. Pinching back herbs will promote new growth.

Garlic – Harvest time is usually one month after the scaps appear and the bottom 3-4 leaves have browned.  Check one plant first, do not pull garlic, rather dig them out carefully. Then you will need to cure bulbs. Dry with stalks still on for 2-4 days, remove excess dirt and cut stalks down to 6”. Lay flat to dry in a single layer in a shaded warm area. Allow to cure for 2-3 weeks.

Hot peppers – When left on the plant to change colour, from green to red their heat will intensify.  Take care when picking pepper to not break the stem. Peppers can be frozen, dried and ground or stored in oil.

Zucchini – When they are 6-8 inches long, gently pick them be careful not to puncture their skin. They should feel firm and have a bright healthy skin and stem.

Tomatoes – Having tomatoes ripen on the vine will produce the best flavour.  Store tomatoes at room temperature out of direct sun and never store in the fridge as they loose all their wonderful flavour. If you have to pick green tomatoes due to frost coming in the fall, pick and store inside at room temperature in a dark place, they will ripen.

August 12, 2020 — Kaitlin Thatcher

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