Create a Festive Door Swag & Make Your Own Bow

A nice change from a traditional wreath and perfect to bring cheer to your front door. Easily customize your door swag with a different bow colour or other accents to match any aesthetic!

1. How to Make a Door Swag

You will need:

  • Fresh boughs, a variety of pine, cedar and fir creates a nice variety and texture
  • 12" of wire
  • Accent picks of your choice, berries, leaves, flower, pinecone
  • Ribbon to make your own bow (see below)


  1. Start by layering and gathering the fresh boughs at the stems allowing the ends to fan out
  2. Secure the boughs together by wrapping your wire around the stems and twisting
  3. Start layering your picks into the fresh boughs. It's nice to add a few picks under the top layer of boughs and a few picks on top as well, there's no rules here so create what you like!
  4. After you're happy with the arrangement of the boughs and picks it's time to add the finishing touch! You can purchase a bow to add but it's more fun to learn to make your own! Get your ribbon ready and learn how below.

2. How to Make a Bow in 10 Easy Steps

You will need:

  • 1 spool of ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Two 12" pieces of wire


  1. Start by unrolling a long section of the ribbon
  2. Make a fold in the ribbon about 12" up from the end, hold the fold in one hand and the tail in the other. The tail should be about 12" long and facing towards you
  3. Now to start making the loops. Bunch in the centre and twist under once to make your first small loop.
  4. For the second one, loop ribbon under and gather in your hand, this loop should be a bit larger than the first
  5. Make the third loop facing the opposite direction, about the same size as the second one. Gather and twist in the centre
  6. Loop a longer piece and gather, continue looping in opposite directions until you have your desired amount of loops for your bow. We did 7 loops in our example
  7. Once you have your loops, pinch and gather all loops in one hand
  8. Thread the wire through the first loop and pinch and twist the wire to secure. This wire should have long enough tails so you can secure it to your door swag or other decor
  9. Cut the second tail from the spool to match the length of the first tail
  10. Just like that you've made your first bow!


November 26, 2020 — Kaitlin Thatcher

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