Your Ultimate Avian Oasis Awaits!

At Bradford Greenhouses, we're not just a garden center; we're a premier destination for all things "birding" in Ontario! Visit us in-store and explore our expansive birding department, meticulously curated to fulfill every aspect of your feathered friends' needs.

We're your partners in creating a vibrant and harmonious ecosystem. From our wide range of bird houses, to foods, bird baths, and feeders; immerse yourself in the world of birding, and let the beauty of nature unfold right outside your doorstep.

At Bradford Greenhouses, our goal is to make every garden a sanctuary for our beloved feathered companions.


Bird Feeders

Diverse Feeders for All Species

Elevate your birdwatching experience with our extensive collection of bird feeders tailored to accommodate a myriad of bird species. From enchanting hummingbirds to majestic cardinals, our feeders are designed to cater to every feathered visitor. Choose from an array of innovative designs that keep pesky squirrels at bay, ensuring your feathered friends feast undisturbed.


Traditional Bird Feeders

Elevate your garden with our timeless traditional bird feeders. Designed for a variety of feathered friends, these feeders blend classic style with functionality, offering a charming dining experience for birds of all shapes and sizes.


Hummingbird Feeders

Invite the enchanting world of hummingbirds into your garden with our specialized hummingbird feeders. Crafted to attract these vibrant, winged wonders, our feeders provide a delightful haven for these tiny, iridescent visitors.


Suet Feeders

Treat your backyard birds to a gourmet feast with our suet feeders. Designed to hold energy-rich suet cakes, these feeders are a favorite among Woodpeckers and other suet-loving species, ensuring a nutritious and satisfying meal for your feathered friends.


Squirrel Proof Feeders

Outsmart the most determined of backyard acrobats with our ingenious squirrel-proof bird feeders. Featuring clever mechanisms and design elements, they ensure that only birds have access to the feeder, keeping  crafty squirrels at bay.

Premium Bird Foods

Keep Your Feathered Friends Fed!

Nourish and attract a symphony of birds with our high-quality bird foods, including a diverse selection of seeds and suet cakes. Whether you're aiming to entice cheerful finches or vibrant robins, our thoughtfully curated range ensures your garden becomes a culinary haven for every winged visitor.


Bird Seed

Sow the seeds of joy in your garden with our traditional bird seed mixes. Carefully crafted to appeal to a wide array of birds, these classic blend promises a banquet of flavors, attracting feathered friends to your outdoor haven. We carry pre-packaged bird seed, or purchase as much as you need in bulk!


Suet Cakes

Indulge your avian guests with our delectable suet cakes. Packed with essential nutrients, these cakes are a savory treat for Blue Jays and other suet-loving birds, ensuring your garden becomes a culinary destination for the discerning feathered palate.



Specially formulated to entice hummingbirds, orioles, and even butterflies to your garden oasis, nectar is bursting with sweetness and vitality, and offers a delectable treat for these enchanting creatures, ensuring they flutter and sip with joy amidst the beauty of your blooming sanctuary.


Bulk Bird Seed Pail Program

Our bulk Bird Seed Pail Program includes a Garden Gallery Bird Sail Pail filled with your choice of Black Oil Sunflower or Premium Seed. Bring your pail back in-store to receive discounted price on your next refill!

Essential Birding Accessories

A Place for Birds to Bathe & Rest

Transform your garden into a birding paradise with our collection of accessories. Provide refreshing respite with our elegant bird baths, inviting feathered guests to indulge in a leisurely splash. Foster nesting and roosting opportunities with our charming bird houses, creating cozy homes for birds to thrive in your outdoor sanctuary.


Bird Baths

Transform your garden into a water haven with our exquisite bird baths. Designed for both aesthetic appeal and avian refreshment, these baths invite feathered friends to indulge in a serene splash, enhancing the natural beauty of your outdoor sanctuary.


Bird Houses

Foster a sense of home for your winged neighbors with our charming bird houses. Crafted with precision and care, these cozy abodes provide a safe and welcoming space for nesting, ensuring generations of birds make your garden their cherished residence.


Squirrel Proofing

Outsmart pesky squirrels and safeguard your bird feeders with our squirrel-proofing cccessories. From baffles to cleverly designed barriers, these accessories ensure that your feathered friends enjoy uninterrupted meals, while the acrobatic antics of squirrels remain an entertaining sideshow.


Hooks & Brackets

Elevate your avian oasis with our versatile Shepherd Hooks and Brackets. The freestanding grace of Shepherd Hooks allows you to create a picturesque landscape, while wall-mounted Brackets offer a space-saving solution. Both options provide sturdy and stylish support for your bird feeders.

Birding Ideas & How To's


Inviting Birds to Your Garden

All trees and shrubs will provide something of value to birds nesting sites, insect food, shelter from weather and predators. There are, without doubt, birds in your garden now. If you wish to encourage more birds and more varieties of birds around your home, you can do so by providing a variety of trees and shrubs, particularly those that provide food in the form of fruit, berries, nuts or seeds.

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Easy Birdfeeder Craft for Kids

Winter is a busy time at the bird feeder because of the lack of food due to the cold temperatures. It’s key to keep your bird feeder topped up with bird seed from dawn until dusk so the birds have a chance to get enough energy to keep them warm through the frigid nights.

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Attracting Hummingbirds to your Garden

When it comes to pollinators, there is nothing more fascinating than the hummingbird. This tiny creature flits through spaces quickly and is gone in the blink of an eye. Attracting these stunning species to your home may feel like a bit of a mystery. These little birds are seeking a specific environment which thankfully is simple to replicate.

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