Bradford Greenhouses is a true Canadian success story.  In August of 1956, Francis Ferragine immigrated to Canada from England with his wife Chiara, his sons Tony and Peter, and daughter Mary.  For the next 4 years, Francis and his family spent their time working as labourers in the Holland Marsh area for local farmers.  In 1961 Francis purchased a property in Bradford and began growing a company.  In 1975 Bradford Greenhouses opened a retail operation on Hwy 11 in Bradford and continued to grow until opening their flagship retail store in 1993 in Barrie.  Today Bradford Greenhouses Limited is one of the largest greenhouse growers and retailers in central Ontario. In 1999 Francis Ferragine passed away due to illness but his legacy and his family business continue to grow.

Over the years, Bradford Greenhouses have expanded with the Bradford Wholesale location boasting over 25 acres of growing space that produces the highest quality young plants and retail-ready live plants.  We partner with leading horticultural breeders and professionals to apply knowledge, resources, and experiences to ensure customers’ success from production to retail.

Our tag line “From Start To Finish”, Bradford Greenhouses is a full-service wholesale grower. “From Start”, we provide a wide assortment of plugs and rooted liners to independent greenhouse growers and farmers across Canada. “To Finish”, we produce a full line of retail-ready live plants for all seasons. Our retail-ready assortment includes packs and flats, hanging baskets, custom planters, summer instant annuals, fall mums, fall custom planters, poinsettias, and much more.

Our facility has evolved to be one of the most efficient and technologically advanced greenhouse operations in Canada. Bradford Greenhouses Limited continues to research and invest in new innovations in greenhouse growing and gardening to better service our customers for many years to come.


Bradford Greenhouses Limited produces plugs and liners for shipping between calendar week 4 to week 18. When planning a plug and liner order, consider the lead time requirement as production time varies by plant variety and tray size. Most production order lead time is calculated by adding crop time plus three weeks to secure input materials. In some cases, lead time can be up to 8 months for high-demand plants such as select varieties of begonias or geraniums, etc.

We offer a 2% discount toward orders placed before November 1st.

The best effective way to submit a plug-and-liner order is by emailing an electronic order form to our sales associates.
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Request an order form with pricing by mail or email today by contacting one of our sales associates.


Plug and Liner Tray Size Guide
We produce 4 different tray sizes, plan your production purchase based on guaranteed plant count and not by the tray size. Our competitive prices are based on the guaranteed plant count as listed in the grid below.

Tray Type

Cell Count

Guarantee Plant Count

Tray Dimension

Cell Depth

L50   Liner



10 7/8’’ W x 21 1/4‘’ L

45 mm

L100 Liner



10 7/8‘’ W x 21“ L

38 mm

P288 Plug



10 7/8‘’ W x 21 1/4‘’ L

31.75 mm

P512 Plug



11 1/8“ W x 21“ L

22.23 mm

50 Liner: Jumbo size liners of rooted cutting and select seed varieties, for shorter finishing time into 8 inches or larger containers. Vegetative Begonias must be ordered in intervals of 100’s.

100 Liner: Medium range liners, a large variety selection of rooted cutting or direct sow plants, ideal for 6 inch or larger containers.

288 Plug: An economical plug option with a large variety selection of seed plants, ideal for 4 inches to 1gallon productions.

512 Plug: Mini-plugs are an economical solution for high volume retail cell packs or small retail pots 3.5 inches to 5 inches, selection may vary dependent on seed sizes.


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Don’t see an item on our list of assortment?

We can grow-to-order a plant of your request if you order a minimum of 3 trays per plant variety.  Add your request to the blank space on the order form before sending in your order. 

Contact our sales associates for additional information.

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Plugs & Liners Sales
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Plugs & Liners Sales
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