Outdoor Decor

Elevate Your Outdoor Living Space

Welcome to Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery, where the beauty of the outdoors meets exceptional design. Explore our extensive selection of outdoor decor items, carefully curated to transform your outdoor living spaces into havens of style, comfort, and charm.

At Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery, we're dedicated to helping you create an outdoor sanctuary that reflects your style and brings joy to every moment.

Visit us in-store to explore our outdoor decor and discover the perfect pieces to make your outdoor living spaces truly extraordinary.


Outdoor Wall Art & Clocks

Extend Your Style Beyond Four Walls

Take your style outdoors with our Outdoor Wall Art & Clocks. Elevate your garden or patio with stunning pieces that withstand the elements while adding a touch of personality to your outdoor oasis. From intricate metal art, to vibrant weather-resistant paintings, to bold statement clocks, let your outdoor walls reflect your unique taste.


Outdoor Pillows

Comfort and Style Under the Sun

Enhance your outdoor seating with our Outdoor Pillows. These decorative pillows for your outdoor furniture are not only stylish but also crafted to withstand the elements. Mix and match colors and patterns to create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere in your outdoor spaces.

1A - Hummingbird Pillow Beige.jpg__PID:d71ef81b-239a-4955-ba1a-0982a24c9b2f
1B - Bird and Butterfly PIllow.jpg__PID:1ef81b23-9ad9-457a-9a09-82a24c9b2fbd
2A - Floral Pillow.jpg__PID:f81b239a-d955-4a1a-8982-a24c9b2fbda6
2B - Butterfly Pillow.jpg__PID:1b239ad9-557a-4a09-82a2-4c9b2fbda6ab
3A - Bee Pillow.jpg__PID:239ad955-7a1a-4982-a24c-9b2fbda6ab5f
3B - Sunflower Pillow.jpg__PID:9ad9557a-1a09-42a2-8c9b-2fbda6ab5f9e

Outdoor Rugs & Mats

Ground Your Outdoor Sanctuary

Define your outdoor space with Rugs & Mats that bring warmth and style underfoot. From durable welcome mats for high-traffic areas to elegant rugs that anchor your outdoor seating, our collection offers practical and decorative solutions for your patio or garden.


Arbours & Trellises

Create Stunning Vertical Gardens and Enchanting Gateways

Arbours & Trellises offers the perfect blend of functionality and beauty, providing essential support for flowers, climbing plants, shrubs, and more while adding visual interest to your outdoor space. Whether adorned with climbing roses or lush vines, these versatile structures bring depth and dimension to your landscape, transforming your outdoor oasis into a picturesque paradise where beauty blooms at every turn.



Whimsical Accents for Your Garden

Transform your garden into a whimsical wonderland with our Statuary collection. From charming animals to elegant figures, these outdoor sculptures add personality and charm to your outdoor haven.



Serenity in Motion

Create a sense of tranquility with our Fountains. The gentle flow of water adds a soothing element to your outdoor space, turning it into a serene retreat where you can unwind and enjoy the beauty of nature.


Outdoor Decor Accessories

Finishing Touches for Your Garden Sanctuary

Complete the look of your outdoor haven with our Outdoor Decor Accessories. Illuminate your garden with solar lighting, hang beautiful flags to add a pop of color, add a musical element with windchimes, and enhance functionality with plant hooks, garden decor, privacy screens, and more. Our collection has everything you need to make your outdoor space uniquely yours.


Outdoor Decor Ideas & How To's


Backyard WOW!

Do you love your outdoor space? We spend a lot of time making our lawns and gardens exactly the way that we want them. However, when all that hard work is done, you need a space to sit back and enjoy it. We eat, lounge, socialize and even work in these spaces, but the design is often left as an afterthought. It’s time to rethink the patio and discover how a few accessories can transform your space into an extension of your home!

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5 Spring Tips to Dress up your Doorway

When considering your front door decorating, think about how to invite spring into the entire space. Introducing natural elements, like grapevine balls, curly willow, dogwood branches, and pampas grass into your entryway décor is an easy way to evoke that spring feeling.

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Container Gardening Simplified

Container gardens are a great way to dress up a patio or doorway. But it’s so much more than that. These miniature gardens are an opportunity to experiment with gardening trends, explore new flowers, or simply showcase a few favourites.

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