Why Poinsettias?

Poinsettias are POPULAR.

Did you know that poinsettias are the most popular selling potted plant in North America?  Not only do they add instant colour to your décor during the holiday season, and poinsettias also make excellent gifts!

Poinsettias are PROFITABLE.

With wholesale pricing, organizations participating in poinsettia fundraising can earn up to 50% profit.  In the past, many groups have made over $5,000 selling poinsettias.

Poinsettias are PROVEN.

For over a decade organizations have been raising money through our Poinsettia Fundraising Program.

How it Works

Option #1: Gift Cards

Rather than have us pre-select and deliver the poinsettias to you for distribution, this option provides all buyers with a poinsettia gift card redeemable at our two retail locations (Bradford Greenhouses Garden Gallery) in Bradford and Barrie, where they can choose the poinsettia of their choice. This option was designed to offer you added convenience and avoid organizational confusion.  This option ensures that the buyer receives exactly what they are looking for.  We offer you (the coordinator) a lower price per pot, this in turn increases the profits to your bottom line. Gift cards may be picked up at our Barrie or Bradford stores.

Option #2: Plant Delivery

Submit your order form and we pre-select your poinsettias, deliver them to you on a prescheduled delivery date, and you coordinate the distribution of them to your buyers.

Size & Colour Options

  • 4.5" Poinsettia (indoor only): Pink, Red or White.
  • 6" Poinsettia (indoor only, standard table size): Pink, Red or White.
  • 8" Poinsettia (indoor only, table or floor size): Pink, Red, Tri-Colour or White.
  • 10" Poinsettia (indoor only, premium floor size): Pink, Red, Tri-Colour or White.
  • 10" Tropical Planter (indoor only): Pink, Red or White.
  • 7" Tabletop Greenery (indoor/outdoor): Winter greenery with Red or Silver (NEW) decorations.

Please note: Burgundy is no longer offered as a colour option.  Please keep in mind that poinsettias are living plants and substitutions may need to be made in some circumstances.  Tri-Colour is 3 different colours of poinsettias planted together.  The colours are typically red, white and pink.  Due to availability, some alternate colour combinations may be substituted.

How to Order

Please contact our office ASAP to set up an account or to update an existing account. Delivery or pick up dates must be pre-booked in advance (we deliver on select days only to some areas in Ontario).  Delivery day or time may change due to weather conditions and delivery routes on your scheduled date. 

Contact our sales team via phone or e-mail to obtain pricing of gift cards, live plants and freight fees.  We will email you an order form for your participants and order forms to submit your final order.

    • Phone: 905-775-4769 ext. 2 (wholesale), ext. 1 (sales)
    • Phone (Toll-Free): 1-800-361-4163 ext. 2 (wholesale), ext. 1 (sales)
    • E-mail: fundraising@bghl.ca

One delivery per organization.  Delivery and pick-up dates can be arranged between November 13th - December 9th, 2023.  In towns further than North Bay and west of Sudbury, the last delivery date will be December 6th, 2023.  Pick-up of poinsettias can be arranged at either our Barrie or Bradford Garden Gallery stores.

All final orders must be submitted by November 24th, 2023 or 7 calendar days before your pre-booked order date, whichever is earlier.   No changes to orders will be accepted 72 hours before the order date.

Making Payment

      • Credit card payment must be made Before Delivery.
      • Cheque or Cash payment can be made at the time of delivery.

Delivery Day

Upon delivery arrival, ensure you count all cases with our driver, and count all plants before distribution to your buyers.

All claims must be made within 24 hours, by telephone or email to our office, and we will make every effort to rectify the situation.

We strive for excellent quality and service however, poinsettias are living plants that are sensitive to cold and will freeze quickly.  DO NOT place plants in an unheated vehicle or trunk.  Plants should be delivered to your buyers immediately, instruct that the protective sleeve be removed within 24 hours.