Bradford Greenhouses Ltd. offer an extensive line of retail ready finished products perfect for Garden Centre businesses that have limited greenhouse space.  Expand your assortment and offerings with our full line of finished spring annuals for all your Garden Centre needs.

We service Garden Centre businesses throughout Ontario.

A minimum purchase equivalent to 4 racks is required per delivery order.  Delivery charges may apply depending on distance.

Our Offerings

Hanging Baskets: Over 150 varieties of flowering annuals, foliage and vegetable hanging baskets.  A great selection of Selecta® Trixi® Combos and Bradford Greenhouses’ exclusive combination hanging baskets.

Mixed Planters: Show stopping planters for gardens big and small, ranging from 8 inch planters to 16 inch planters and window boxes that feature Selecta® Trixi® Combos and Bradford Greenhouses’ exclusive combinations.

4 inch Premium Annuals: Over 150 varieties of premium flowering annuals and herbs propagated from vegetative cutting.

4 inch Seed Annuals: Over 100 varieties of seeded flowering annual, herbs and vegetables.

Cell Packs: Over 150 varieties of flowering annual and vegetable cell packs.


For current Retail Ready availability, please contact one of our sales representatives:

Anthony Ferragine
Sales Rep
1-800-361-4163 ext. 1205

Mellissa Domingues
Sales Rep
1-800-361-4163 ext. 1203

Jacquie Watson
Sales Rep
1-800-361-4163 ext. 1206