Freshen Up Your Front Door

As October draws to an end and Halloween passes, it is time to clean up your front entrance and dispose of what fall and Harvest décor you have, and shift into a new season. It is a common question, and many people ask… “What can I do to my front entrance and outdoor containers to transition into a new look?”

The obvious; take down any existing décor, such as seasonal wreath, door mat etc. Clean up your fall planters; mums grasses, ornamental cabbage.

Soil can be left in your planter, but perhaps given a top up of soil. If plants have been taken out there may be holes left & will needed to be leveled off. This will prepare you for the option of designing in soil vs. a drop in insert if need be.


Think Greenery

Pinecones - grapevine balls, dried products, curly willow or dogwood, neutral/organic ribbons.


Hang Everlasting Greens

An artificial wreath can be hung , think of beautiful lush cedar and accented with pinecones and a simple burlap or plaid ribbon. It's common to add a neutral look for that month of November that doesn’t scream Christmas just yet. Think of this when you do your change over. Adding a neutral wreath always gives you the option of adding some colour, glitz, and glamour later for December.


Designing Your Containers

The same would go for designing in your containers. Choose fresh greenery that gives you longevity; cedar and pine ideally. Fresh greenery will last outdoors in soil if you care for it properly. Keep out of direct sunlight as this will dry out your greens quickly. Add water as you would a planter on a daily/ or weekly basis. This would be dependant on temperature. The warmer the temp outside; the more frequent you will have to water. Wilt Proof is a product that we sell that could also be utilized on your fresh greenery arrangements to ensure they last longer. Once a deep freeze happens, then you no longer will have to water. Décor items can be wired on to your greenery later in December for a Christmas look.

The overall idea is to go neutral for your entrance beginning of November, giving you the option to “add to” for a secondary Christmas look leading into December. Once January hits, those Christmas items can be taken back out, leaving you with your neutral palette again the beginning of new year.


October 27, 2022 — Bradford Greenhouses